JN08 Dxpedition
Saturday 15th, 2007
13:40 UTC - 17:30 UTC

Saturday morning at home

In field

I arrived in the locator JN08wr at 12:30 UTC and I drove during a half of hour to find a good place. 30 min to install the antenna and then I was ready to cq.
Equipment: TR751E + 80 w
Antenna: 8 elts DK7ZB

Too crazy... 0C and I heard no call. Just someone called PA5KM

I didn't understand why. Then I decided to uninstall WSJT and to reload it.
Always same...
See the following picture

At 17:30 UTC, I decided to stop after to reload twice time WSJT and to always have the same problem.
Really crazy to practice portable in winter: -2C

I was very sad because I didn't resolve the problem during the spedition and certainly a lot of friends waited for me all the afternoon....
During the return and in the heat of the car, I have understood my error. I had forgotten to erase the directory WSJT6 in program files. So once arrived at the qra, I erased it and reloaded wsjt and the tour was played.

By waiting for the Spring and not to return to fields to freeze me, I took up 8 elements DK7ZB under the roof of the qra: see this pagefor the antenna window.